Sales conditions

The goods remain our property until after the full settlement of the accounts.


1. The indicated delivery times are not of strict application. A delay in the

Under no circumstances can delivery give entitlement to compensation or compensation.

2. The deliveries are payable to our bankers in Kortrijk. Any delay in payment

obliges the purchaser to pay the statutory

interest that is in business. The non-payment of a delivery gives us the right

cancel the orders in progress and immediately claim the balance due.

3. Complaints that are not made in writing within eight days of receipt of the

merchandise is not valid. We reserve the right for the merchandise which is lawful

were refused to replace. Filing complaints does not entitle the buyer

to defer payment of the goods.

4. All proceedings are the exclusive competence of the Courts of Kortrijk and Peace Justice

van Menen.

5. In the event of non-payment within 30 days, due to negligence or malice,

and after notice of default, the amount of the invoice will automatically increase by 15%

(with a minimum of € 125.00) under the conventional penalty clause without it

this provision precludes the possible application of Article 1244 8.W. on the

debtor. For all disputes, only the Courts of Kortrijk and the Peace Court are

Van Menen authorized.


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